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Dinner plate 30cm

Dinner plate for hire

large dinner plate
$10.00 per ten

26cm, 23cm and 18cm

Plates for hire

small dinner, entree and side plate
Gallery or Chair covers
$4.50 per ten

Pasta bowl

23cm pasta bowl to hire

23cm bowl
$6.00 per ten

Soup/ sweets bowl

soup/ sweets bowl to hire

18cm bowl
$4.50 per ten

Cutlery - princess

cutlery to hire

basic princess/ Barcelona pattern
$3.50 per ten

Cutlery - montreal

cutlery to hire

elegant Montreal pattern
$5.80 per ten

Salad bowl

Salad bowl to hire

25cm white crockery bowl
$3.00 each

Rice bowl

Rice bowl to hire

14cm rice bowl
$5.00 per ten

Coffee cup and saucer

Coffee cup and saucer to hire

cafe coffee cup and saucer inc.
$5.50 per ten

Tea cup and saucer

Tea cup and saucer to hire

traditional tea cup and saucer inc.
$5.50 per ten

Coffee mug

Coffee mug to hire

$5.00 per ten

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper to hire

white crockery
$2.00 pair

Square platter

Square platter to hire

30cm square platter
$6.00 each

Sushi dish

Sushi platter to hire

30 x 20cm sushi platter
$6.00 per ten

Butter pat

Butter pat to hire

butter pat, also suitable for the tapps board
$1.00 each

SS oval platters

Stainless steel oval platter

available in 60cm and 40cm
$4.00 each

SS Meat tongs

Meat tongs for hire

$1.00 each

SS Salad tongs

Salad tongs for hire

$1.00 each

We have more tableware not shown here.

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