Harvest tables

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Harvest tables

Harvest tables, Bavarian tables and Hairpin leg dining tables for hire in Adelaide.

The Harvest leg table Dining table, high Bar Table and Harvest leg Bench Seats are one of the most popular collection in our Bespoke range.  Dining tables with a Harvest leg are 2.1m long and 1m wide, seats 8/10 guests. The Harvest table range makes a beautiful and rustic impact on small and large functions.   We also have Bavarian tables and Bavarian table toppers.  We have the perfect chair range to complement the Harvest Dining table, outside the Tolix chair range available in the colours of Aqua, Lemon and Black or the Harvest leg Bench seat and for inside the brand new Cross Back dining chair or Bentwood chairs in walnut or white.

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Harvest Hi bar tables

The Harvest Hi Bar tables for hire in Adelaide, are the perfect complementary tables at your function.   Harvest Hi bar tables are designed as stand alone product or to seat your guests at a multi height event with  ‘high/low’ set up.  The Harvest bar table is 2.1m long and 70cm wide so they can be used as a full dining table at height.  We have the Tolix stool range in many colours or the Bentwood stool range in walnut or white to add that high end visual, with vintage impact.

Bavarian Toppers

Bavarian Toppers for hire in Adelaide. The Bavarian Toppers in walnut are a budget friendly alternative to high end larger tables.   Bavarian toppers are 2.4m long and 1m wide, with a walnut finish, they sit on your standard trestle.   You will be able to cater for 10 guests at each table comfortably.   The Bavarian table toppers are a cheaper, budget friendly alternative to the high end bespoke Harvest table.


Hairpin leg tables

Hairpin leg tables come in a range of colours and sizes and heights.  The hairpin legs are available in black of white and three heights,  1m high for bar tables, bar rests, service bars, food service and food counters.  The tables tops are available in round, 90cm diameter; 70cm square and varying rectangular sizes that include a dining table dimensions of 2.1m long by 70cm or 1m for banquet tables

Oval Toppers

Oval toppers for hire in Adelaide.   The choice of table you use for your event or function can really effect the overall atmosphere. You can accommodate more guests in your space using trestles. Large round tables feel formal and smaller round tables feel casual  Oval tables offer an elegant formal seating option and can accommodate from 8 – 10 guests.

Our new crossback chairs are a perfect pair for the Harvest tables, Hairpin leg tables and Oval tables.

And our newest post on Facebook & Instagram features the table being used as a grazing table!

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