Bar Tables

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Australian hiring company has a large and diverse range of bar tables for hire, whatever the theme or flavour of your party. The primary function of a bar table is to keep your guests on their feet, moving about, conversing, networking, enjoying. Remember, you don’t need a lot of bar stools for each table but it is recommended to have at least 3. Any more (even 4) creates a clique group that can be hard to penetrate but if you keep it to a bare minimum you will see upto 10 people around a single bar table at the height of the show.

Handy Hire Hint

If you are serving finger food at your function, bar tables are still a good idea. Whilst your guests are holding the finger food and napkin, they still need to put their phone/purse/drink down briefly to enjoy your tasty morsels.

For contemporary sleek lines, the standard bar table has a polished stainless steel top and sophisticated look. For a dash of elegance you can add black or white lycra covers to this table.

For more guests and larger crowds or food served on a small plate, we have longer tall bar tables. These offer over twice or three times the table surface of a single bar table. The southcape and harvest tall bar tables offer over three times the surface space. These tables have been used for conventions and events for displaying brochures and goods. Thinking of bar stools? click here.