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Partnership services


Whether your an event designer, stylist, planner or coordinator, Australian Hiring Company will take the pressure off YOUR shoulders.

As we have been in the industry since 1968, we have a great deal of experience working with partners in the industry.

We have a large range of stock wholly owned, maintained, and quality controlled for your confidence.    Our products range from Pavilion and furniture through to glassware.

Every client creates an opportunity for a bespoke outcome that we can assist you with.  You and your clients are welcome to Look, Touch & Feel products at the studio, anytime.

We recently released our wedding mashup video which showcases the quality of our services and our work with already existing partners.

We offer a range of partnership services to make it easier for you and your clients including;

We have numerous contacts with other suppliers and will maintain our elite services through this period and beyond. We are not offering huge discounts to "prop up" our business now, as we are in a stable business position. Having said that, we do want to extend a discount or 'mates rates' to you to pass on to your clients through these difficult times.

Rest assured that Australian Hiring Company will be here next month, next year and in 5 years time. Get in contact with us now to start our collaborative partnership! Click on the live chat below, email, visit or call 8276 2250.

Take the time to register or refresh your details below. Give us a call if you would like to visit our studio and have a coffee!

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