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Coronavirus Statement

March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Statement from

Australian Hiring Company 

Business as usual

Our business – in its 52nd year – has faced and met many challenges in that time.

Coronavirus however, is a developing unknown. We intend to aggressively take any measures we deem necessary to look after the safety of ourselves, our team members and our clients.

Our office and warehouse will remain fully operational. Any Public Health Sanctions aside, all current and future clients will have their orders delivered, as they always have been. As a precaution though, and until further notice we have decided to close our showroom to the public.

Our live chat is a great interactive real time tool. Please give it a go. And of course call us on 8276 2250. If your pending show needs to be postponed, that is not an issue.

As a company, we've helped out with the COVID-19 response, doing our part to make sure SA stays safe.

Overreaction? Maybe. We will do our small part and hopefully everyone else does too.

Let’s hope that this virus is under control sooner than later and we can get back to working with our wonderful clients the old fashioned way (like in 2019).

Thank you to all our loyal customers for your continued support, and take care.

The Australian Hiring Company has offered Adelaide high-quality party, wedding, and event products for hire for over 50 years. Our experience and expertise will make your event planning journey so much easier.