Collaboration and project management

Events and Brand activations

Let us help you really visualize your event, brand activation or wedding with our 3D CAD software. The images are to scale and can best help to work out flow and maximum seating so there will be no surprises on the day of the event. For example, the bride and groom in the Partridge House wedding seen below were living in London and over the course of a year (and many emails), we massaged the look to perfection, allowing them to arrive into Adelaide 2 days before the wedding and walk into our pre-approved set up. Come into our showroom to see many many examples of past events, weddings or brand activations.

We can style your event with our hire furniture into our pavilions or your existing space. In the case of the AHC Event Hire team setting up, we would set up from ourĀ  pre-approved CAD drawing, streamlining the process of delivery and set up. If you need more reasons to engage our services, click here for our thoroughly attractive skill stack.